Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pony Overhaulin'

Layla got the works yesterday!  She vetted wonderfully, super clean legs.  She got her teeth floated (for what looks like the first time in her life) and a wolf tooth pulled, she got vaccinated & her coggins pulled. 

Rode her yesterday since the rain finally slacked up and she was good!  We got both leads, she's learning to bend in the turns & regulate her stride.  She was alittle more up than the first time I rode her but I've been shoveling alfalfa & hay & a nice grain in her as well as all the grass she can eat so I'm assuming once she gets used to feeling better the lazy pony will come back.  She was completely manageable, just not a constant kick ride.  She's still going great in her rubber snaffle & is 100x better about putting halters & bridles on. 

I clipped her yesterday as well and found 2 tics in her ear, so that may have been part of the issue with the halters/bridles. 

Here are some pictures of her during/after her teeth floating! 

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