Friday, September 14, 2012

Big slacker right here....

Ok ok, I know I've been dropping the ball about my princess.  So here's the updates (since we haven't talked in weeks!)

Layla is doing fabulous!! We had a good week of no riding thanks to Hurricane Isaac (which she handled beautifully).  Nothing nothing like looking out of your kitchen window during a Cat 1 to see the ponies just chowing down in the field.  We were short stalls so Mrs. Layla was one of the 4 booted to the field since I knew she didn't get to come in at her old home & was used to being rained on.  haha. Her & our mini, Peepop, (whom she believes is her baby) were totally unfazed. 

After the ground dried out enough to ride again we got back to work. She continually impresses me with her willing nature and open mind.  So a little recap, after her teeth, she steers about 1,000,000 times better.  Still can get alittle locked, especially to the right but is getting there.  We took her on a little trail ride around the back 10 acres of the property after the storm and she was flawless.  Crossed water, didn't care about mud, OK in 4ft grass, was fine in the lead, in the middle, & in the rear.  Didn't blink an eye at the deer stand or the old cart back there, or anything.  Birds flying out of the woods were no big deal, just super laid back!  Loved it! She, even at 4 years old, was much braver than her Trakehner & OTTB trail-mates (12 & 7 respectively). 

We also picked up her papers & got the bill of sale signed from previous owners.  Her registered name is Drifts Star (not too bad for an AQHA name!).

Last Friday I gave the poor girl a crash course in jumping.  One of my clients wanted to send her daughter's horse to me for 30 days of training & wanted something the girl could still ride during lessons at their house, so I told her I could loan them Layla, as she is very similar, knowledge & brain, as their horse.  So I wanted to get her over a few little jumps before I took her to see whether the girl could continue with her X work.  She blew me away.  I had planned to only jump a few X's but she was so willing and tried so hard we did, 3 X's (with fill & flowers) and a small 2' vertical with fill.  She even trotted in & cantered out of the line!

Her canter is also really coming together.  She falls apart in the turns.  Its times like this I'd LOVE to have a round pen.

So that's where we are.  She's been at my clients' house for about a week, her daughter just loves her.  Lessons have been going well, she's trotting X's with the 12 year old & the 12 year old is even able to canter picking up both leads now!

So happy with my decision to take a chance on this little girl.  She's just been a doll so far. 

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  1. She is super cute. Glad that she is currently taking care of a little girl and doing so well!