Monday, August 13, 2012

The Long Ride Home

I picked up our little Craig's List find this morning around 10 for a 2 week trial.  She walked right into the trailer and off we went to her new farm.  She's lived by herself for over a year so she was excited to see other horses but was still very sweet and quiet.  I turned her out for most of the day to let her stretch her legs after the longest trailer ride of her little life (only about 2 hours but she was born across the street from where I bought her). 

Here are some shots from today.  We just did a little work on the lunge. 

"Hello! Are we there yet?"

Our "Before" conformation shots.  Can't wait to see the "After" with some weight and muscle!

Pony hugs during our conformation shot session.

She's got those big brown eyes. 

"It's like looking in a mirror!"