Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What in the world are those things!

Little Girl went for her first ride on the farm this morning.  She's already getting better about haltering & bridling.  The jumps were a whole new world to her, she found them a bit scary to go near at first but worked right out of it.  She definitely needs work but she was quiet, willing & trying hard to give me what I was asking from her. 

We mostly worked at steering at the walk and trot but also spent a little time at the canter.  This may very well have been her first time cantering with a rider.  She was very good, just lazy into the transition and took a lot of leg to keep going.  Only offered me her left lead but as green as her canter was, I'll take what I can get. 

I have a few clips from today.  Quality is lacking (a client videoed us on her iPhone and we lost some quality in texting the file) so I apologize.

She got moved to the front yard with the mini horse and the dogs because she didn't get along too well with my other girls and my jumper (he loves his little harem). 

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