Sunday, August 12, 2012

Her Story Begins: The Ad

So browsing Craig's List I found an ad for "Horse for Sale" out of Gonzales, LA.  It was your typical CL ad: typeos, no information, & a number to contact the owner.  The ad read:
"I'm selling my 5 year old quarter horse mare. She is really gental rides good, but hasnt been rode in a while thats the reason i'm trying to sell her. We just never have time to ride her anymore. She also has papers and some accessories to go.... asking 900obo for more info call or text anytime Kyle ###-####"
The photos were of a cute red mare. 

The mare was put together well, so on a whim, totally not in the market, I decided to text the number & was told shes ~12 hands.  They sent me some photos and a video of her under saddle.  Seeing her next to someone she was obviously bigger than 12 hands so the big question was, how much bigger.  I set up a time to go visit and packed my tape measure.

I arrived on Sunday to a very nice young couple and an adorable pony in a barbed wire field with a bathtub water trough and a tarp run-in.

I immediately got my measuring tape to check her height and she was a solid 14.2.  Now I'm excited, this sweet little girl was a top of the line large pony.  She stood quietly, head low, eyes soft as I put my saddle on her.  She gave me a little trouble with the bridle but eventually gave up.  I lunged her for 1/2 a circle and then hopped on.

She doesn't steer she's lazy but she has breaks & seemed pretty bomb proof.  Her field backed up to a busy highway but she wasn't phased by the passing motorcycles & 18-wheelers.  I'll post a video of me trying her later tonight. 

We came to an agreement that I could take her for a two week trial to get her vetted and see how she works full time.  I go to pick her up tomorrow!  More updates to come!  This is the little red mare's story.

Any name suggestions?  They've been calling her horse/baby/little girl, apparently her AQHA registered name is something Star but that's a bit overplayed.


  1. Marigold? You may have fallen into a pot of gold with her :)

  2. Random name ideas:
    Skipper (Barbie's sister or

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  4. I'm taylor I'm in Australia and what about renesmae, biscuts, lily, little red, Cindy/bindy, Christie or maybe even angel or angel-mae they are names I think will suit her

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